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Charcupac - Les Provinces, a company on the initiative and owner of the Provinces de France project, is a long standing supplier of cured meats to French and European supermarkets. After many years of experience in the import-export of agro-food products (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.), we have developed an expertise and observed a growing interest in French products and have decided to create a suitable project to meet this demand.


Provinces de France is above all a meeting of professionals passionate about French cold meats: Oliver SOLAK, Fabrice and Pascal LEVY. Olivier SOLAK then invested in the development of his salting product distribution company in Poland (Oliver & Co) meets Fabrice and Pascal LEVY, both directors of the company Charcupac - Les Provinces. Sharing the same convictions and forming a friendship, they decided to collaborate in order to bet on the development of our project on the Polish market.

Image de Andreas Gücklhorn


Provinces de France is built around 3 major commitments that dictate each action and decision within our collective:


- Authenticity: Through our products, we want to prioritize authenticity over superfluous communication. It is in this context that we are developing a communication that will put our producers and their production regions forward.


- Anti-waste: In order to fight against waste, we have developed a range of products "En avant toute !" which aims to limit food waste and strive for zero waste. Previously discarded, we recover and repackage these products to give them a second chance.


- Ecology: Finally, we try to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible by developing more ecological packaging that is ultimately fully recyclable.



Initially developed and focused on the Polish market, Provinces de France has met with success which today allows it to dream bigger. Today we have two major development axes for our project:


- We are constantly developing new references and recipes in order to expand our range. Ultimately, we want to diversify our product families and offer other product categories.


- We also have the ambition to take our project to new territories. We are currently working on the accessibility of Provinces de France abroad.

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